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Enroll My Child - Program Details

Enrollment Details:

  Thank you for enrolling your child/children in Northeastern Music’s Instrumental Music Program. Below is a summary of the program specifics.
  What is included:
  • Band Membership: Participation in band for the entire school year.
  • Group Lessons: Group lessons are offered once a week during the school day. Group lessons start in September at time agreed upon between the teacher and building principal.
  • Band Rehearsals: Weekly band rehearsals will be offered to returning students starting in September. Beginners will start by mid-October.
  • Performances: Bands will perform a minimum of 2 concerts during the year. Additional performances may be scheduled by your band director and will be communicated well in advance. Attendance is mandatory at all concerts, competitions, and any performance by the band.
  • SmartMusic: All students will receive a 1-Year subscription to SmartMusic, a cloud-based tool that will help your child’s at-home practice.
  • Music: Students will be issued company-owned sheet music for performances.
  What is NOT included:
  • Instrument and required instructional book: At the end of this process, you will have the option of renting a teacher-approved instrument and instructional book from our parent company, Menchey Music Service.
  • Music Stand and other accessories: A student music stand is needed for home practice and can be obtained from our parent company, Menchey Music Service if you don’t already have one. In addition, Menchey Music Service can provide you with any other necessary accessories your teacher recommends.
  • Practice: Students must practice. Students will not improve if they do not practice. Lack of practicing does not just hurt the student, it negatively affects the entire band.
  • Attendance: Attendance is mandatory at all concerts, competitions, and other performances by the band.
  • Preparation: Students must bring all materials (instrument, music, pencil) to school on band lesson/rehearsal days.
  • Encouragement: Parents must take an active role in encouraging your child to practice. They need parental help to learn how to make a commitment.
  • Commitment: Participation is for the school year. Withdrawal will not be permitted until the end of the school year except for extraordinary circumstances such as moving, prolonged illness, or on the advice of the music instructor.
  Payment Options:
  1. Installment Plan - 9 monthly debits to your credit card from September-May. October enrollments will still be required to pay the September tuition installment.
  2. Annual Plan - 1 lump-sum debit to your credit card for the entire school year. Enroll by September 30, 2020 to be eligible for the 10% early-bird discount.

You may enroll your student by downloading, filling out, and mailing the following pdf:
Click here to download the mail in enrollment form in PDF format.

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